2018 HIMSS Report: Valuable Takeaways from this Important Conference

CBORD team members returned from HIMSS bursting with energy from this exciting healthcare technology conference. Our representatives met with healthcare professionals in the Intelligent Health Pavilion where we showcased existing and emerging foodservice technologies. Our Innovation Theater presentation with TVR Communications on improving the patient experience was eagerly received, and our resident dietitian Clare Hicks was interviewed for the web series The Doctor Weighs In.

Here are some things we’re reflecting on after a memorable HIMSS conference.

Why is the HIMSS conference so important for healthcare organizations?

Healthcare providers rely on automation throughout every area of their operations. HIMSS allows organizational leaders to discover, discuss, and guide the future of healthcare technology. Creating innovative technology is worthless if we’re not helping healthcare organizations take better care of their patients, so healthcare technology companies need the input of care providers.

What kinds of questions did attendees ask? What did they want to know?

Several CBORD customers wanted to see what we’ve been up to, specifically the CBORD® PatientTM app. Attendees who were not familiar with CBORD were interested to learn how dynamic healthcare foodservice has become. Many who might have had an antiquated view of hospital food were pleasantly surprised to learn how much has changed.

People from IT backgrounds inquired about what CBORD automation can accomplish, and the role automation plays in a hospital ecosystem. We also had many conversations with vendors who saw great potential in integrating their technology with CBORD systems to meet common operational obstacles their customers face.

Which new trends should healthcare professionals be watching this year?

The concept of Participation is on everyone’s mind. Patients should have the opportunity to participate in their care as opposed to being passive receivers of care. CBORD is on top of this with products such as Room Service Choice® and particularly our new meal-ordering app which puts tools into the hands of patients so they can actively participate in their nutrition care.

Also, there seems to be a huge shift to technology to support patient populations outside of the hospital. Many leaders are challenged with ensuring proper care is provided post-discharge, and they are in search of automation to support this. They are looking for technology to help them be more proactive in community health with the goal of reducing costly inpatient encounters.


Healthcare technology companies need the input of care providers

What have you been reflecting on since HIMSS?

Talk to a CBORD expert about the trends you are anticipating.