4 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity with Training

4 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity with Training


If employees lack sufficient knowledge to do their jobs, they can feel lost, confused, frustrated, and unproductive. Employees are more content and productive when they know and understand what is expected from them and are given the training to perform their tasks.

An annual learning subscription can provide your team with a variety of training tools, such as unlimited access to live instructor-led trainings along with an on-demand course library to help onboard new personnel and keep your team’s knowledge up to date.

There are four ways you can increase productivity across your team with an annual learning subscription.

1. Onboarding new personnel

It takes time and effort to onboard new employees, not to mention time lost from doing your own job (and theirs too). You need to get your new hires up to speed quickly while keeping them productive and generating revenue. Learning subscriptions allow your new employees to follow a learning pathway on their own time. They have a structured process to get them the knowledge they need, when they need it, without pulling them away for multiple days of training, where they’ll likely forget half the information anyway!

2. Learning retention

Let’s face it, we’re inundated with information, resulting in only about 50% or less retention of what we read or hear. Having the ability to take training as you need it and follow at your own pace improves retention by at least 20%!

3. Refresher training

Often employees lack the knowledge to perform their jobs confidently, which leads to low productivity rates. When you delegate training to senior employees, it prevents them from doing their own jobs, so they often rush through the training, resulting in errors and continued low productivity.

Refresher training increases employee productivity.

4. On-demand learning

On-demand learning allows you to access training when your team is ready to sit down and focus. It’s difficult to schedule time to deliver a learning curriculum to busy employees. On-demand learning allows learners to gain access to knowledge-based content in real time, anywhere and anytime. This can lead to higher engagement, performance, and productivity across your organization as employees are able to learn at a pace that suits them, with easy access, and can put their learning into practice immediately.  

Training provides confidence for employees, improving their skills and ultimately your business. 

Ready to improve your team’s confidence, productivity, and boost your business? Learn more about our annual learning subscriptions and request a quote today!

              Susan Herr, RD

Susan Herr, RD

Education Services Supervisor

Leading the CBORD Education Services team, Susan is drawn to providing a champion training program to in turn promote customer success and a positive patron experience.

Prior to Susan’s current role, she spent most of her career with Indiana University’s foodservice operation. Her time at IU ranged from food management, campus dietitian, and systems team manager. As a CBORD customer, she had hands on experience with a variety of CBORD products and recognizes the time it takes a user to grow into their system.

Susan went to school at Indiana University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and became a registered dietitian after completing her internship at IU.