5 Questions With…Campbell’s Foodservice

5 Questions With…Campbell’s Foodservice

In our feature, 5 Questions With…, Gregg Muntean, vice president of sales for Campbell’s Foodservice, discusses Campbell’s Foodservice partnership with CBORD and how foodservice operations can use Campbell’s products to create labor and cost savings. 

What do CBORD and Campbell’s Foodservice have in common? How are you working together?

CBORD and Campbell’s Foodservice both help universities, hospitals, senior living communities, and businesses optimize the experience for their students, patients, residents, and employees. We both provide solutions for operators that can lower costs and reduce waste. 

CBORD offers a starter database for food and nutrition customers which will offer Campbell’s recipes, and CBORD is currently working on adding Heart Healthy recipes from Campbell’s to the new one-day Room Service menu which will be offered to new healthcare customers. 

What is Campbell’s Foodservice and what are your brand offerings?

Campbell’s Foodservice is a division of Campbell Soup Company. Campbell was founded as a purpose-driven company, and for over 150 years, the essence of our purpose has not changed: to make food that is delicious, affordable, and prepared with care – food that people love. We use our heritage of making good food available to more people to guide our future as we evolve and embrace our mission to insist on real, carefully crafted foods. We use local family farms as much as possible and have established relationships with our suppliers to ensure our products are safe and of the highest quality. In fact, 80% of our tomato suppliers have been with us for over 25 years. Knowing our growers enables us to work with them to become more sustainable, like using drip irrigation to reduce water usage. All of this allows us to deliver products our customers can be proud to serve. Our trusted brands include Campbell’s, Swanson, V8, Pepperidge Farm, Snyder’s of Hannover, Cape Cod, Kettle, Pretzel Crisps, Late July, Lance, Pace, Prego, and Pacific Foods. 

How can using prepared frozen soups versus scratch soup create labor and cost savings?
Are there any additional benefits in using Campbell’s prepared frozen soups?

Our mission is to help our customers save time, manage labor, reduce back-of-house touches, cut costs, and ultimately delight guests. Using Campbell’s prepared frozen soups can do all of that. Our scratchquality frozen soups are prepared in less time. A test kitchen comparison of five Campbell’sprepared soups versus in-house soups outlines how much you can save. Less labor time means operators can shift kitchen labor responsibilities to other tasks that enhance service delivery and/or reduce labor costs. Frozen prepared soups have a shelf life of 21 months compared to refrigerated soups, which last an average of two to three months. This longer shelf life makes menu forecasting easier when facing inconsistent demand – and reduces costs.

Campbells Soup

Based on lab test by fsSTRATEGY Inc., assuming operators use pre-cut vegetables to produce their scratch soups. Average time saved of the soups tested is 33 minutes. Labor and elapsed time savings are greater if operators cut their own vegetables. 

The benefits of Campbell’s scratch-quality prepared frozen soups go beyond labor minutes. Our frozen soups are made with carefully selected ingredients and then frozen at peak freshness to capture the fullest flavor.  

  • Simplify your operations. Campbell’s prepared soups have a smaller operational footprint than the ingredients for soups prepared in-house. They also generate less waste and have a longer shelf life. 
  • Get consistent product every time. We have worked to master the art of making homemade taste in large formats, ensuring each bowl of soup you serve will have the same great flavor.  
  • Get a trusted brand for food safety. We pride ourselves on taking all the steps necessary to ensure our product is handled safely. We’re here to help you mitigate the risks that come with your kitchen juggling a multitude of things.  
  • Enjoy a wider range of offerings. Sometimes you’re constrained by the ingredients at your disposal. Campbell offers a wider range of soups, regardless of your location and your labor’s skill sets.  

How can Campbell’s Foodservice meet the plant-based food trend?

Since long before the term “plant-based” was making headlines, our partners have trusted us to provide a wide range of delicious and functional plant-based solutions. We are proud to offer more than 160 plant-based SKUs, which Campbell’s Foodservice defines as any finished food product that contains no animal products or byproducts and is constructed from ingredients derived from plants. From soups and beverages to broths and salsas, we offer a portfolio of products that champion plant-based benefits. 

Tell us more about how Campbell’s Foodservice is helping its customers?

Food waste and reducing inventory is top of mind for everyone. Campbell’s Foodservice can help customers make the most of their investment by using our products as an ingredient for all kinds of menu items. Our products are extremely versatile and can be reimagined for new uses or combined in ways you never would have guessed.  

As the world changes, we’re here to help our customers adapt. We have self-serve solutions that help our customers find new ways to profit through soup. Reworking your soup wells can revive your self-serve soup program and tap into incremental sales. If self-serve is not an option, we can give you tips on moving soup behind the counter and capitalizing on the upsell.  

For today’s busy customers, convenience is everything. Campbell’s Foodservice offers a wide variety of grab-and-go options across soup, snacks, and beverages, from brands guests know and love. We can help meet the demands of guests with high-quality, crave-worthy products and convenient choices. 

Are you looking for ways to create labor and cost savings? Connect with a Campbell’s Foodservice or CBORD expert today to learn how you can utilize Campbell’s products and CBORD’s technology to save on ingredient space, time, and most importantly – labor.