A Student’s Day on a Connected Campus &

Behind the Scenes on a Connected Campus

CBORD Insights ™ provides thought leadership based on proprietary research of stakeholders on university and college campuses across America and the world. Learn what your peers are saying about market pain points and technical solutions. 

In a recent CBORD Insights survey, your students told us that they want their campus at their fingertips – every service and option accessible from their smartphone at any time. You might have expected this, but do you know how to deliver? Here’s your chance to find out.

Watch our on-demand research-based webinars, a two-part series: Student’s Day on a Connected Campus and Behind the Scenes on a Connected Campus. Co-presented by mobile credential partners CBORD and Allegion. Topics include:

  • Findings from recent surveys of student, staff, and campus administrators
  • A day in a student’s life as he moves around campus with his mobile credential
  • Which systems are working in the background, and the benefits those provide to administrators
  • A case study on the University of TN at Knoxville’s Connected Campus
  • How you can roadmap your way to a more connected campus

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Presented by:

  • Lorena Harris, VP, Marketing, CBORD
  • Jeff Koziol, National OEM AM, Allegion


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A Student's Day on a Connected Campus & Behind the Scenes on a Connected Campus