What will CBORD mean for your organization?

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For our customers in higher education and healthcare, CBORD means everything.

For students, faculty, and staff, CBORD means easy, and highly secure access across campus. It means their campus knows them through a card, a mobile app, or with the wave of a hand.

It means less time waiting in lines, and more opportunities for self-service, and it means having easy ways to encourage people to make healthy choices.

CBORD means faster transactions for patrons, and consolidated reporting for administrators. CBORD means universities can stay competitive with new mobile services their students and employees demand and expect.

For patients and their guests, CBORD means the convenience of ordering meals on a phone. For caregivers, CBORD means safety. Each patient’s menu is customized to their diet order. It means never serving an allergen to an allergic patient.

CBORD means healthy eating initiatives for employees. It means spending more time with patients, and less time waiting in line at the cafe. CBORD means benchmarks for improving service times, and data to inform strategic decision-making. It means fulfilling the promise of operational excellence.

Our customers, and their patrons, are at the center of everything we do. We create technologies for people, to help them create a better community experience.