Accessibility Policy & Resources

Accessibility at CBORD

CBORD is committed to building applications that are accessible to all users regardless of individual capabilities. We are enhancing our software to create comparable experiences for all walks of life.

Our Policy

Software under active development is being built to accepted standards for web and mobile accessibility for our users.

These include:

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • United States Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Section 508 standards

All new applications built by CBORD undergo testing to demonstrate these standards. Requests for accessibility enhancements outside of CBORD’s internal testing process are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Any questions regarding CBORD’s process will be evaluated based on details provided – please contact your CBORD representative.

Continuous Improvement

As new technologies and accessibility standards emerge, we will continue to look for new ways to meet these standards and support users of all abilities in a proactive manner. To ensure the compliance with these standards on an on-going basis, CBORD employs the following as a general practice:


  • Issuance of Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT) for key software platforms
  • On-going training on accessibility testing and software design
  • Use of automated accessibility testing tools to validate compliance with the above standards

Our developers and software test engineers are staying on top of the latest techniques for developing accessible applications. We share information across the teams internally and work with our 3rd party vendors to implement accessibility in our latest technology platforms.

Our Development Approach

CBORD continues to build for accessibility in our engineering and design process. We aim to meet the requirements set forth in Section 508 and the latest WCAG success criteria and create a more accessible product. We are approaching this by:

Remediation in Sprint Backlog

We will maintain Product Accessibility Roadmaps and include them in each development plan.



Accessibility Common Components

CBORD teams are working to create a central library of components and systems that take accessibility into consideration. Each team will determine when these components and systems can be part of their product roadmaps.

Ongoing Training for our Development Teams

CBORD provides both internal and third party training for our development teams (from engineering to product personnel). The accessibility team provides resources and guidance for all team members during the development cycle.

Catalog of VPAT Documentation by Product

Click the titles below to download the VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) documents. Revised VPAT documents will be provided at regular intervals.

GET Mobile (VPAT 2.4)

 Download (PDF)

NetNutrition (VPAT 2.4)
NetMenu (VPAT 2.4)
Mobile Inventory (VPAT 2.4)
CBORD Patient (VPAT 2.1)
GET Administration
CBORD CS Gold 7.0.13 (VPAT 2.1)
CBORD Odyssey Direct 7.12.6199 (VPAT 2.1)
CBORD Food Service & Nutrition Service Suite (VPAT 1.0)
CBORD Odyssey HMS (VPAT 1.0)
CBORD Odyssey PCS (VPAT 1.0)
CBORD ResCenter (VPAT 2.4)
CBORD Value Plus Revalue Station (VPAT 1.0)
CBORD NetNutrition (VPAT 1.0)



Accessibility questions or problems

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