Advancements in Healthcare Foodservice

Foodservice operations have come a long way thanks to technology. The exponential rate of advancement took off in the 1990s and hasn’t stopped.

Everywhere you look in most dining operations these days, you will find signs of technology at work: touchscreen point-of-sale terminals, kitchen display systems, self-serve kiosks for ordering, software systems, automation, and more.

Are these advancements making a positive difference or are they simply bells and whistles?

Food Service Director conducted a survey where 89% of operators indicated that technology has had a positive impact on their foodservice department ¹. Let’s look at just a few of the ways healthcare foodservice operations are benefiting.

Technology has automated the complex process of safely feeding your patients. An effective software solution helps ensure safety and regulatory compliance even as numbers of patients, meals, and venues multiply. Whether you are serving 50 or 5,000 patients with on-demand room service or a traditional tray line, your software system helps you streamline the entire process and ensure patients’ meals comply with their diet orders.

When it comes to food production in large-scale operations, technology is helping in countless ways. Software has made it possible to forecast accurately and prepare the right food in the right amounts to reduce waste and over-production. You can track the popularity and cost of each ingredient on your menu and make data-driven decisions using planning and analysis tools.

Technology saves the day for improving patient and employee satisfaction. Advances in software allow patients to choose meals from menus that are personalized to include only allowed items. Hospitals can now offer flexibility in meal ordering with options including bedside order taking, call-center ordering, and ordering via a mobile app for either on-demand room service delivery or traditional tray line meal service. Giving patients this type of control and flexibility has proven to increase satisfaction scores significantly.

With employee retention being top of mind—and considering that your employees are the largest customer base for your dining operation—it pays to invest in technology that will streamline the workday and improve the dining experience. You can transform the employee ID badge from a simple identification device to a powerful employee benefit, enabling cashless payments at restaurants, vending machines, grab-and-go kiosks, the gift shop, and more. And now employees can use a mobile app to manage their account, deposit money, pay for purchases, and order ahead at your dining venues to avoid the long lines and enjoy more of their break times.

Even with the few areas discussed here, it’s clear to see that advances in foodservice technology are indeed contributing to operational improvements. Watch our free webinar, “GET App: Expanding the Reach of Your ID“, to see a great example of technology improving the employee experience.

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