Automated Attendance Tracking for CS Gold

CS Automated Attendance is a new module for CS Gold® 7 designed with the help of CBORD® users to offer an easy integration between your university’s course schedule system and your students’ ID credentials. The result is automatic attendance tracking for faculty and administrators and a new tool for student self-reporting.

CS Automated Attendance links to existing data in your student information system, such as instructor names, course titles, dates and times, and enrolled students. It’s also fully integrated with CS Access, so students are automatically granted access to the buildings, rooms, and labs they need to attend class.

Take Attendance By ID Card or App

As students arrive, they are logged as present when they swipe their ID card on a CS Gold reader (including CS Gold Mobile Reader), or using the Mobile ID app on their smartphones. Late and absent students are flagged, providing an additional metric to identify students at risk for attrition.

Class attendance is updated in real-time and monitored on a connected laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Students can be identified by photo and color-coding gives instructors status at-a-glance.

Students can use the My Classroom Attendance interface to check their schedule, message instructors, and measure their attendance rates. Notifications can remind them of class start times and sudden cancellations.

Faculty and administrators can generate reports and know who attended a particular class on a single date or over a range of dates. They can also generate attendance counts for a course or for an instructor and set absentee thresholds and notifications.

Even When the Classroom is a Theater

CS Automated Attendance can also be used to create a theater event as a course requirement and track attendance outside the classroom. A theater event, such as a play or concert, is an event that may offer multiple instances (e.g., performances) but for which students only need to attend one of its sessions to satisfy the class requirement.

A single theater event may be required by multiple classes; a single class may require multiple theater events. While it uses the term theater, this feature may also be used for shared lectures, seminars, and other events where attendance of multiple classes is required.

CS Automated Attendance offers easy integration with popular student information systems such as Banner and PeopleSoft. Setup is easy; some customers will be able to manage it without additional help from CBORD. For those who do need assistance from our Implementation Team, much of the work can be done remotely, reducing costs. There are many non-proprietary compatible hardware readers to choose from.

CS Automated Attendance is the most reliable way to track classroom attendance accurately, and produce reports and notifications to help improve student success and reduce attrition.

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