Avoid Food Waste, Disruptions with Accurate Floor Stock

Your floor stock process impacts costs, patient care, and staff efficiency. 

When it comes to reducing costs and improving efficiency, one area that’s often overlooked is floor stock. Gaining control of this important function should become a priority with its potential for reducing food waste and improving patient care.

Many hospitals have inconsistent, manual processes for managing floor stock replenishment, meaning their nursing units often have wasted food or run out of items they need. If a floor nurse has to call for food supplies, it causes a disruption in patient care and in kitchen operations when staff must leave to deliver the floor stock.

How does floor stock get replenished in your hospital? For most, managing floor stock is a time-consuming process that involves creating lists, taking orders, stocking pantries, recording amounts stocked, and submitting invoices to each account for payment.  

Streamline Workflows

The best way to get a handle on floor stock is to implement a technology solution that will automate your workflow so the ordering, stocking, and invoicing process can be accurately completed in less time.

Look for a modern solution that will help you establish a master list of floor stock items and set par levels by nursing unit. The best solutions also come with a convenient mobile app that lets your nursing staff place their own direct orders for floor stock and enables your foodservice staff to easily record the quantities stocked.

You can control what product is available for ordering and establish limits on order quantities to limit food waste.

Allocate Costs

When managing floor stock, it’s important to look beyond the ordering and delivery aspects. You also have cost allocation to manage or your central budget will end up absorbing all the costs for your various units. Choose a solution that automatically allocates costs to the proper departments or units, saving you time and improving transparency and accountability.

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With the right technology, you can improve workflows and ensure your nursing units have the floor stock items they need. Contact us today to find out how CBORD’s cloud-based Floor Stock Management solution will help you avoid waste and minimize disruptions in your hospital. 

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