Advancements in Healthcare Foodservice

Advancements in Healthcare Foodservice

Technology is helping improve healthcare foodservice operations in countless ways. Learn more in our latest blog post that outlines some of the benefits.

Hospitals are Cashing in on Cashless

Hospitals are Cashing in on Cashless

Nationwide the healthcare industry is cashing in on cashless, making the switch from registers to cashless payment solutions over past preferred methods including debit and credit cards.

Questions Answered from Modern Makeover: The New GET CBORD Student

Webinar Questions and Answers GET CBORD Student is undergoing a major overhaul. We recently hosted a webinar debuting the new design of the mobile application and discussing  new features and functionalities that will be rolled out this year. We couldn't get to all of...

Connect with CBORD this Spring!

A CBORD Higher Education Connect event is coming soon to a university near you! Higher Education Connect is a one-day workshop bringing together colleagues from colleges and universities around the country. This spring, we’ll visit several cities across the US to meet...

Planning for Changes to Your Program

How does your program need to change before the 2019-2020 academic year? Does your system have what it takes to deliver your wish list items, your differentiators, and the exceptional experience your customers deserve? Scott Radloff, director of managed services,...

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