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Room Service Choice Making a Difference

Appetite for Change: Room Service Choice Making a Difference

Access our recorded webinar today! Join UC San Diego Health and CBORD during our first Customer Talk Back , a free one-hour webinar and your all-access pass to hear from industry foodservice and nutrition professional Jill Martin, director of nutrition services at UCSD Health. Tune in as Jill Martin discusses: UCSD's Room Service Choice Foodservice

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Reignite Your Point of Sale

What could an improved POS platform mean for your hospital system? With a total point-of-sale solution, you’ll experience improved reporting features, decreased IT costs, on-demand scalability and a platform that will grow with your organization. Watch our webinar to hear from our industry expert CBORD Senior Product Manager Scott Jerabek as he discusses what an

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Ready, Set, Benchmark

When you truly understand your data, you can then begin to understand how meaningful and impactful this information can be. With CBORD Analytics, you are able to identify patterns and spot trends, and measure performance to uncover opportunities that drive greater efficiencies and improve your bottom line. Watch this free webinar to hear from industry

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CBORD GET is your one stop shop for cashless and commerce solutions..

The GET App: Expanding the Reach of Your ID

GET convenience, GET time savings, GET the App that allows your staff to forgo the lines and order ahead of time! Proven to boost employee satisfaction and drive revenue, the GET mobile app expands the reach of your employee ID and simplifies the way employees pay for meals, products, and services. With a centralized, cloud-based

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Going from Good to Best: Principles to Optimize Your Food Management Model

Is your foodservice program challenging your bottom line? Are you looking to identify and eliminate waste and generate revenue? CBORD and Rippe Associates have teamed up to deliver the highly-anticipated healthcare webinar titled, “Going from Good to Best: Principles to Optimize Your Food Management Model.” From addressing rising food costs, to labor shortages and limited

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CBORD Webinar: Designing a Better Patient Experience

Join us for a live webinar.

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Designing a Better Patient Experience

At CBORD, we have been investing in innovative technology to improve the patient experience. Join Clare Hicks, RDN, business analyst and Will Gelder, service designer as they discuss ways to design a better patient experience. Together they will focus on ways technology can delight patients while sharing new techniques to help you better understand and

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Get to Know Odyssey AdminWeb

Is it time to transition to Odyssey AdminWeb? Don’t be left behind. New versions of Odyssey don’t include the Odyssey UI, so transitioning to AdminWeb is more important than ever. Odyssey AdminWeb allows you to log in from any web-enabled device, anywhere to control your system and access patron data, reports, purchases, and more. Watch

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The Easy Way to Install New CBORD Products and Features

Make sure your environment is ready for all the exciting new products and features coming from CBORD. We have new options available to help you prepare for the next big product releases. In this webinar, you’ll learn how our team can support you by ensuring you have a healthy database, that your servers have adequate

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The Future of Foodservice Technology for Multi-Site Health Systems

Our mission at CBORD is to provide tools that engage patients and staff, ensure patient safety, promote wellness, drive new revenue, and support operational efficiency. We also understand the requirements and challenges of managing multi-site operations. No other foodservice technology company has more experience working with large healthcare systems than CBORD. In this webinar we’ll

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