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Safely Feeding Patients and Staff During COVID-19

Health systems are grappling with how to successfully navigate during COVID-19 and still manage to safely feed their patients and staff. From café closures and patient meal changes to social distancing and PPE conservation, the global COVID-19 pandemic is causing hospitals to adjust their foodservice operations and re-think how to meet the needs of fluctuating

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Feeding Students During COVID-19

As campus dining halls are closing to dine-in patrons, colleges and universities must develop streamlined processes to feed students and staff remaining on and near campus. This requires moving from a traditional production model to grab-and-go and delivery options. Our webinar shares ideas, best practices, and in place processes to manage your dining operations during

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Solve it with Persolvent

Have you heard the news? CBORD has partnered with Persolvent, a leader in payments technology, to provide a new payments gateway for GET customers. All higher education and healthcare customers will be required to convert their existing gateway by December 31, 2020, and we’re here to help. Watch our on-demand webinar to hear Rob Wakelee,

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Make 8 Great with Managed Services

CS Gold version 8 will be released spring 2020, and we want you to get the most out of your system. Beyond managing your operations, maintaining the health of your system is key to efficiency and effectiveness of your team. This is where we can help. CBORD Managed Services announced a new service program to

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High Yield: Enhance Student Services & Increase Revenue

Are you losing revenue because students want to eat and shop off campus? Do your students want to use their campus cards in more locations? How are vending purchases benefiting your bottom line? Watch our on-demand webinar to hear how everyday purchases can be turned into cash payouts. By partnering with local merchants and vending

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Enterprise Solutions. Centralized Control.

Feeding thousands of patients from hundreds of kitchens can be problematic when you have multiple people creating multiple menus in your food service operation. Ensure consistency across the entire organization by allowing each location to access standardized item information to create local recipes. Heather Whitehouse, CBORD Director of Product Management, discusses how you can take

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Learn How Inline Personalization Simplifies Complex Issuance Processes

No longer a novelty, contactless smart cards are now a large part of daily life on campus for many colleges and universities. Today’s smart IDs serve not only as photo identification, but also as access cards, debit cards and even mass transit passes in major cities across the world. While student cards have become smarter,

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CBORD Patient App for Personalized Care

Personalized Care Starts with CBORD Patient App

Personalized Ordering Starts with the CBORD Patient App Hospitals of all sizes are finding that it pays to modernize and personalize the patient meal ordering process. El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) transitioned from a traditional tray line to a room service model, implementing CBORD's Room Service Choice solution and, later, the CBORD Patient app

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Swipe Out Hunger Header

Student Hunger GETS Swiped Out

Imagine heading into an 8 a.m. class, and the only food you’ve had in the last 24 hours was a couple of slices of pizza at a school-sponsored event. You’re tired and hungry and cannot concentrate on the morning’s lecture. Hunger is a very real issue on college campuses. An estimated ONE OUT OF THREE

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Room Service Choice Making a Difference

Appetite for Change: Room Service Choice Making a Difference

Access our recorded webinar today! Join UC San Diego Health and CBORD during our first Customer Talk Back , a free one-hour webinar and your all-access pass to hear from industry foodservice and nutrition professional Jill Martin, director of nutrition services at UCSD Health. Tune in as Jill Martin discusses: UCSD's Room Service Choice Foodservice

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