Campus Card Innovations for a Thriving Student Experience

The campus ID card has served as the epicenter of activity at colleges and universities for decades. Though the technology behind it has changed through the years, the purpose remains the same: Provide access to campus services and amenities. Convenience and access translate to experience, and creating a great student experience is essential for schools to remain competitive.

What defines a great student experience?

For Generation Z, experience is tied to innovation, convenience, and security. To meet the demands of tech-savvy students, colleges and universities must modernize their campus card programs. This means offering multiple secure credential options combining traditional ID cards, biometric solutions, mobile applications, and mobile wallet technology.

Porter Research conducted a study with college-aged students, parents of students, and campus leaders to take an in-depth look at campus card programs as they are today and where they need to grow for the future. Among the findings, we discovered:

  • Seventy-six percent of students use their ID cards frequently.
  • The top three uses for ID cards were to open doors, use meal plan dollars, and purchase food at campus dining locations.
  • Technology that students want to see implemented on campus includes contactless cards, mobile applications, and biometric credentials.

As colleges and universities look to the future, they must adapt and innovate to create engaging student experiences. Embracing technology and deploying it for both on- and off-campus services is the first step to building a resilient program. 

Top 3 Campus Card Innovations for a Thriving Student Experience

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