Card Issuance Made Easy with HID FARGO Connect

Do you want to simplify and streamline your card production process?

With HID FARGO Connect, you can create and issue secure ID cards from any device, anywhere. The cloud-based solution eliminates the need to be tied to a specific workstation and allows you to set up remote stations around campus.

Watch our webinar and learn why HID FARGO Connect would be a good option for you. We’ll walk through:

  • An overview of the solution and the easy-to-use interface
  • How to manage and control in-network printers
  • Features such as reordering supplies and requesting support from the console
  • The CBORD campus card solution interface

Attendees had several questions during the webinar, so we posted the Q&A on our blog

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Presented by:

Sue Chaffee, CBORD
David O’Driscoll, HID Global
Nils Wahlander, HID Global

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