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enhance POS operations

Enhance Your Point-of-Sale Operation

Your dining operation is at the center of your healthcare campus community. It’s an integral part of a hospital’s ecosystem, serving a diverse customer base of employees, physicians, patient guests, visitors, and more. And, meal times can be hectic. Hungry patrons, especially your employees, are often rushing between tasks to grab a meal and are

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Healthcare connect michigan

Healthcare Connect Michigan

CBORD is Coming to Spectrum Health We’re thrilled to share that Spectrum Health is hosting Healthcare Connect, a free one-day conference that’s bringing together foodservice professionals from hospitals around your region. Join us for the opportunity to meet with your peers and our CBORD team to discuss relevant industry topics ranging from: Patient Expectations and

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CBORD's Room Service Makes a Difference

Room Service Makes a Difference

As an increasing number of hospitals adopt a room service model for patient meals, the benefits are becoming clear to see. Giving patients some choice in what and when they eat leads to higher satisfaction ratings, as well as less food waste and lower food costs. A study in the Journal of the Academy of

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CBORD Analytics

Unlocking the Power of Your Data

Whether you’re forecasting for the future, looking to identify your hospital’s foodservice strengths, or building your continuous improvement strategy, tracking your data and understanding that data will better position your operation to pinpoint avoidable outcomes and make data-driven decisions. In today’s ever changing and competitive environment, many hospitals are struggling to keep pace with accelerating

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Healthcare Connect San Diego

CBORD is Coming to UC San Diego Health   Join the CBORD team at Healthcare Connect San Diego, a one-day conference bringing together foodservice professionals from hospitals around your region. Meet with your peers and our CBORD team to discuss relevant industry topics ranging from: Patient Expectations and Innovation The Patient Experience A Sneak Peek

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CBORD Advancements in Healthcare Foodservice

Advancements in Healthcare Foodservice

Foodservice operations have come a long way thanks to technology. The exponential rate of advancement took off in the 1990s and hasn’t stopped. Everywhere you look in most dining operations these days, you will find signs of technology at work: touchscreen point-of-sale terminals, kitchen display systems, self-serve kiosks for ordering, software systems, automation, and more.

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Hospitals are Cashing in on Cashless

Nationwide the healthcare industry is cashing in on cashless, making the switch from registers to cashless payment solutions over past preferred methods including debit and credit cards. It’s a trend that’s gained momentum and is becoming common place in the modern hospital network for managed foodservice facilities including hospital cafeterias and retirement dining rooms. Cashless

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Healthcare Connect Queensland

Download the presentation slides (PDF). Click the images below.

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CBORD helps reduce food waste in foodservice operations

Reducing Food Waste in Healthcare Foodservice

Food waste is a key challenge for healthcare operations, and the pressure is on to reduce it. According to Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals, a program of the American Hospital Association, an estimated 2.5 million pounds of food waste is produced in U.S. hospitals and health systems each day. Discarding food on such a large scale

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4 Tips for Managing a Successful Foodservice Operation

The complexities of managing a hospital foodservice operation are vast. From menu planning, equipment, food and materials, finances and staff resources, health systems are re-examining their facilities and the types of services provided to meet patients’ demands. Medical institutions, both large and small, have transitioned from traditional foodservice models; many are now utilizing technology in

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