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The Future of Senior Living Dining Technology, Available Now—Part 1

The Future of Senior Living Dining Technology, Available Now, Part 1 Please Note: The first few minutes of this webinar were not recorded due to technical difficulties. This introductory content can be viewed in the slide deck here (PDF). Technology is blazing a path towards operational excellence. The world of senior dining is evolving. Communities

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Hospital IT Teams Get a New Partner

Did you know CBORD offers services to help local IT teams optimize CBORD systems? CBORD® Monitor ServiceTM is designed to supplement local IT resources, ensuring smooth operation, greater uptime, and optimal efficiency of your CBORD servers. Our Monitor Services team has one job: to oversee your CBORD systems and the servers on which they run.

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Reduce Your Food Spend

From low-hanging fruit to process efficiency, make sure you are getting the most out of your food production system to reduce your food cost. Hear first-hand about how to use your food production system to improve operations. This session focuses on best practices to reduce food spend. Presented by industry expert Joie Schoonover, Principal, Management

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