Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality Oracle Hospitality delivers a wide range of software, hardware, and related services—along with a rapidly growing portfolio of cloud solutions—to enable their customers in the hospitality industry to provide superior service...

Seagull Scientific

Seagull Scientific

Seagull Scientific BarTender® software by Seagull Scientific enables organizations to improve safety, security, efficiency and compliance by creating and automating labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards and more. Hundreds of thousands of...


Signifi Signigi develops solutions to solve retail challenges, transcend consumer expectations, and inspire tomorrow's possibilities. With automated retail, Signifi aims to innovate and shape the way customers shop and help brands connect with...



SMARTSENSE SMARTSENSE uses wireless technology to document the food and equipment temperature information in real-time on the client's secure website, allowing temperatures to be checked online, any time, so immediate action can be taken when...



Tacit Tacit provides self serve solutions for food and beverage operations, including mobile, online and kiosk ordering. Its integrated platform is fully integrated with Point of Sale systems and Payment Solutions. The integration with the CBORD...


Tapingo Tapingo empowers its users to #StopWaiting. Order with a tap & pick it up...or get it delivered straight to your door. We're helping busy people get what they need—where they need it and when they need it. Our integration to the...


Tierney Tierney is a recognized leader in educational and workplace collaboration technology solutions and full‐service support. We offer a wide range of technology products as well as multi‐faceted service solutions including...

Modo Labs

Modo Labs

Modo Labs Modo Labs is the first multi-channel marketplace that enables universities and college stores to facilitate student life commerce. Modo Lab’s award-winning technology supports students, student organizations, campus bookstores, and...

CBORD Professional Services

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