CBORD and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Agree: Food is Medicine

Today’s Dietitian Magazine presented its fourth annual Spring Symposium in New Orleans, May 21-24, 2017. CBORD® Team Members were in attendance taking part in educational sessions and networking opportunities to advance our understanding of the work of nutrition professionals from across North America.

A Wide Range of Perspectives

Attendees represented an array of practicing areas. Dietitians from healthcare institutions, private practices, foodservice corporations, and community and school foodservice programs came to share their skills and learn from their peers. This diverse population of professionals brought a wide range of perspectives to conversations about diabetes management, nutrition therapy, modern agriculture, and the latest industry research.

The Future of Nutrition and Dietetics

As a leading expert on nutrition, healthy aging, and the nutritional care of older adults, Becky Dorner, RDN, LD, FAND held an educational session titled The Future of Nutrition and Dietetics. She presented findings from the 2017 Visioning Report from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which outlines ten change drivers as impacting the work of dietitians now and in the near future.

The Academy defined one such change driver as “Food Becomes Medicine in the Continuum of Health.” More than 77% of respondents ranked “Food Becomes Medicine . . . ” as one of the top five change drivers affecting nutrition and dietetics practice in their Academy member survey. While all aspects considered in the survey are important to the future of the profession, clearly the concept of food as medicine is paramount.

Assisting Nutrition and Dietetics Professionals

Nutrition Service and Food Service Departments are a vital part of a hospital patient’s care plan. We know that monitoring nutritional intake and providing meal choices engages patients in their own wellness to improve outcomes and reduce lengths of stay. CBORD systems are helping dietitians develop care plans to support each patient’s needs by ensuring they avoid allergens and make choices in accordance with their diet order when dining in hospital.

Large hospitals, especially multi-site organizations, have challenges with oversight of food service operations and tracking patient nutritional needs. This adds to the risk involved with feeding patients, not to mention the risks associated with receiving poor regulatory audits. CBORD’s Nutrition Service Suite® (NSS) and Foodservice Suite® (FSS) solutions guard against these risks, provide operational transparency, and ensure patient safety across many locations, no matter where or how they order.

Food(service) is Medicine Webinar

Our recent Food(service) is Medicine webinar, presented by industry experts from CBORD and GetWellNetwork, was an exciting discussion about how hospital food service departments are using cutting edge technology, along with the expertise of dietitians, to make real improvements to the health and safety of their patients.
Watch the on-demand webinar here.