CBORD Australia – Kirsty Maunder Wins Regional IHHC Advocacy Award

We’re pleased to announce that Kirsty Maunder, manager clinical consulting/business development at CBORD Australia, was the regional QLD/NSW winner of the Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare (IHHC) Advocacy Award for her work on patient malnutrition diagnosis and outcomes. The IHHC Excellence Awards are a national award program where individuals are recognized for driving ideas into action through innovative approaches and service improvement. 

Kirsty’s well-deserved recognition stands as a testament to her dedication and innovation in the healthcare industry. Through her collaboration with Mater Health and the development of CBORD’s electronic malnutrition solution, Kirsty has made significant strides in revolutionizing patient outcomes and enhancing revenue generation. This transformative journey will continue to inspire others and serve as a blueprint for future advancements in healthcare.

Kirsty now moves on to the national level competition occurring in October 2023. Read more about CBORD’s electronic malnutrition solution here.

Kirsty Maunder, CBORD, and Sally McCray, Mater Health