CBORD Explains: Logging In to CBORD.com

The CBORD® website is divided into two areas: www.cbord.com for public-facing content, and client.cbord.com for current customers to access support pages and contacts, technical information, listservs, and other content that would only be relevant to people already using CBORD systems. The “client side” of our website requires CBORD customers to log in to view that content.

The information provided in the client area is for all existing customers. Additionally, we provide a way to view support information specific to you and your institution in another area: esupport.cbord.com. This is where you go to view your support cases and communicate with your support team. Since this information is for you, and you alone, it requires an additional login.

We understand that logging in multiple times can be a hassle, especially when it seems like you are still browsing the same website. It’s important to understand the distinction between the general client area (client.cbord.com) and the individual support area (esupport.cbord.com), and to understand that requiring a separate login for eSupport is done to protect the privacy of your institution’s support cases.

There’s an easy way to stay logged in while browsing client.cbord.com. Just check the box to “Remember me on this computer” when you log in the first time.

As long as this box is checked, you can freely browse the client area of CBORD.com without being prompted to log in again.

But remember, there’s a difference between the general information on client.cbord.com and the information that is yours and yours alone when you switch to esupport.cbord.com. To protect the privacy of your support cases, you will always be prompted for an additional login when you switch to the eSupport area.