CBORD Explains: Making the Most of Your Service Menus

Uncertainty creates waste. But getting to a comfortable place in your operation where you have collected trustworthy data with which you can accurately forecast is a feat. One of the more underutilized data sets is your daily service menu—which is a powerful data set that supports a more sustainable and efficient dining program.

Celebrating accurate forecasting

There is a common misnomer that this data cycle is just the point of entry and it's the lowest rung on the ladder. And that's just not true. There are a lot of steps to get to the point of data entry. It takes rigor in understanding your operation's production capabilities and gaining trust in the recipes make up the service menus. From there, it involves understanding the components of each recipe and having your system successfully at a place where everyone from the executive chef down to the last person who touches that food on the line are confident in the process. It's complex.

An easy initiative to improve forecasting

If you feel you have mastered aspects of the system and want to do more, then you have the opportunity to really dig into the guts of your business by capturing the actual amount served for each meal. One way to do that is to record the information on the service line worksheet and then transcribe the information back into the Foodservice Suite® system. The forecasted production and ordering needs are then more specifically linked to the amount of food served. Doing this in conjunction with a forecast based on the number of diners allows you to drive even more uncertainty out of your ordering process.

Stopping waste before it even starts is the goal. Initiatives like composting, food bank donations, and reusing food where it is appropriate and safe are all great. But not over-ordering in the first place has the biggest potential impact on conserving resources.

Are you interested in learning more about utilizing your service menu data? Reach out to us and we can discuss how to apply this process and feature the dining program on your campus.