CBORD in the News: Colorado State University Improves Food Management

In a recent article1 in The Rocky Mountain Collegian, CSU Director of Residential Dining Services Liz Poore explains how CBORD Foodservice systems are helping the university manage their food production and save money.

“This new menu management system (CBORD) does everything,” she said. “You can put in all the ingredients for all of your recipes and it can help you order your food, forecast meals and help with purchasing.”

Poore noted that she had a prior experience with CBORD systems at Ball State University, which she said saved $150,000 employing similar methods. She said that CSU Dining needs systems like CBORD's to effectively manage their food services costs and improve efficiency.

“If we didn’t have systems like this you would be doing it all by hand,” Poore told The Rocky Mountain Collegian. “It’d be like going to the grocery store, you have this recipe and it tells you two cups of this and four cups of this. Well just imagine … and we’re talking $14 million a year we’re purchasing (in food).”

In addition to helping CSU Dining better manage food production, their CBORD system also includes the NetNutrition® module, which gives students the nutritional content and ingredients in all of the dining center menus. Students are also able to search for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options the dining centers provide, along with warnings about which dishes contain allergens.

“We serve the students,” Poore said.


1. Mq Borocz, "New Database to Improve Food Management in Dining Halls," The Rocky Mountain Collegian, February 9, 2017. Accessed April 3, 2017, https://collegian.com/2017/02/new-database-to-improve-food-management-in-dining-halls/