CBORD in the News: Kenyon College to Unveil Mobile ID

An article in the Kenyon Collegian1, the student-run weekly newspaper covering Kenyon College and the Gambier, OH community, describes Kenyon’s Library and Information Services (LBIS) efforts to aid students who misplace their campus cards by introducing the CBORD® Mobile ID® app.

Mobile ID is a smartphone application that works with existing CBORD systems on campus to provide all the functions of a student ID card—unlocking doors, checking out library books, making purchases—on a smartphone. The app was tested by LBIS employees, and it was expected to be ready for student beta-testing by Spring Break, according to Vice President of LBIS Ron Griggs.

“Sometimes people lose or forget their cards—and, in fact, Campus Safety spends a lot of time on the phone or helping students who are locked out,” Griggs said. “Mobile ID gives a student an alternative to calling Campus Safety, or calling a friend, or calling whomever to unlock the door.”

Students may forget to bring an ID card with them, but they rarely forget their phones.

The Collegian reports, “To enter a building, the app will prompt students to enter codes that correspond to specific doors around campus. Stickers placed on door card readers will indicate which code to use. LBIS employees have spent the past year determining the GPS coordinates of doors around campus to create geo-locations that are then logged into the app’s database. The door access permissions of students’ K-card will be the same as the access permissions of their Mobile ID.”

While initially Mobile ID will be used exclusively to open doors on campus, the ability to add additional functionality, such as commerce applications, is one of the great features of this flexible CBORD system.

“The app will not work for vending machines around campus or laundry—although it could,” Griggs said. “That’s a future idea.”

Mobile ID is available at no cost on the Android and Apple app stores.


1. Kevin Crawford, “In Lieu of K-Cards, New App Will Unlock Doors,” Kenyon Collegian, February 2, 2017. Accessed April 26, 2017, http://kenyoncollegian.com/2017/02/02/in-lieu-of-k-cards-new-app-will-unlock-doors/