CBORD Launches Mobile Floor Stock Solution

CBORD’s Mobile Floor Stock Solution Improves Efficiency, Cost Control

New cloud-based solution simplifies workflows, controls costs, and ensures nursing unit pantries have the right items available for patients.  

ITHACA, N.Y. – CBORD®, a leading provider of technology solutions for education, healthcare, senior living, and business campuses, announced the launch of its web-based Floor Stock Management solution that includes a mobile app for simplified replenishment.    

Healthcare and senior living facilities often have supply pantries stocked with juice, milk, and snack foods in the vicinity of each nursing unit. Commonly referred to as floor stocks, these items play an important role in patient care, enabling staff to provide nourishment to patients admitted between meal periods or needing to take their medication with food. 

Managing the process of keeping the various nursing unit pantries stocked with needed items can be a challenge. Many are using software tools not designed for this unique process and struggle to manage floor stocks effectively, especially across multiple hospitals.  

CBORD is the first to offer a standalone cloud-based solution, with a convenient mobile app for simplified replenishment, that was specifically developed for managing this important function.   

“Increasing labor costs and labor availability are key concerns for many organizations,” explained Heather Whitehouse, director of product management at CBORD. “Eliminating wasteful, repetitive manual processessuch as re-entering floor stock chargescan make a significant impact.”

Hospitals will appreciate the efficiencies gained from the simplified workflows with CBORD’s Floor Stock Management solution. Nursing staff can use a convenient mobile app to direct order floor stocks items, and food service staff can use the app to record quantities as they stock the items. The solution also offers the flexibility to stock according to par levels specific to each nursing unit pantry and day of the week, eliminating the need for nursing staff to place orders.  

CBORD’s Floor Stock Management solution helps hospitals:  

  • Streamline the floor stock product list across the hospital or health system
  • Eliminate manual tasks associated with re-entering counts
  • Provide transparency to foodservice and nursing leadership on floor stock usage and costs

Visit CBORD’s website to learn more about our Floor Stock Management solution. 


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To learn more about CBORD’s solutions for healthcare, please visit CBORD’s website: cbord.com/healthcare.