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Offer Superior Service and a Modern Retail Experience

CBORD’s decades-long partnership with Oracle means our customers can rely on us for all their support and implementation needs. Oracle MICROS Simphony and multiple hardware options perfectly complement CBORD’s cashless retail environments.

Choose from a variety of POS hardware, including traditional cashier terminals, handheld ordering tablets, or self-service kiosks. Simphony is directly integrated with CBORD systems so employees and other cardholders can pay for their food, beverages, and more with their ID card or mobile device.

Easily track charges by department, incorporate payroll deduction and declining balance accounts, and offer branded gift cards that can be set up for a one-time transaction or for repetitive use anywhere cashless payments are accepted onsite. Together, CBORD and Oracle MICROS provide a superior overall patron experience.

POS Software: Cloud-Based and On-Premise Options

Improve the customer experience and easily manage your dining operation with an engaging, all-in-one solution for on-premise or cloud-based environments.

Oracle MICROS Simphony and Oracle MICROS Simphony Cloud are enterprise point-of-sale (POS) solutions offering flexible hardware options and configurations to support your dining venues and other retail locations.

Deliver a consistent customer experience across your entire operation with centralized management. Simphony allows you to access and control your entire business from a single location, enabling you to quickly make updates to menus and pricing, offer promotions, and pull real-time analytics from anywhere, anytime.

The conversational ordering features simplify ordering by allowing cashiers to enter the order in the sequence as it’s given, helping move lines along more quickly.

Whether you have a single operation or multi-venue POS configurations, Simphony is flexible and scalable to meet your evolving needs.

  • Ideal for single- or multi-concept operations
  • Scalable from two to thousands of point-of-sale devices
  • Fully resilient in case of upstream failure
  • Easy-to-access, customizable web reporting

Comprehensive reporting offers insight to critical data that helps you run a more lean, efficient dining operation. Simphony provides easy-to-view dashboards with access to real-time data and analytics at all your locations. Track sales and item performance to better predict inventory and stock needs. Understand profitability and menu performance by monitoring waste and shrinkage.

Corewell Health

Saves Labor Expenses with Modern POS Tech from CBORD & Oracle

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Published: 03/25/2024

Payment Methods

In addition to cashless payments through CBORD integration, Simphony accepts all electronic payment types including magnetic stripe, 1D or 2D barcode, contactless, and biometric credentials.

For credit cards, you can choose from a variety of compatible credit card payment gateways, including FreedomPay, Shift4, and Elavon.

POS Hardware

Choose from a variety of POS hardware, including traditional cashier terminals, handheld ordering tablets, and self-service kiosks. See below for our hardware options.

Cash Drawers

Oracle MICROS has cash drawers to fit your needs based on the POS terminals you’re using and the space you have available. The 13” cash drawers are best for confined locations, such as coffee carts, while the 18” cash drawers are a standard size that fits most locations.

Hardware Accessories

A variety of hardware accessories are available for your point-of-sale locations.

  • Pole Displays / Rear Displays
  • Receipt Printers
  • UPC Scanners
  • Scales
  • Coin Dispensers

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oracle micros workstation 8
Oracle MICROS Workstation 820

The Oracle MICROS Workstation 820 allows smaller dining venues to feature the world’s best POS hardware platform at an affordable price point. Workstation 820 is an all-in-one solution, featuring a slim 14-inch touchscreen display with a modular design that provides a thinner display and the flexibility to create the solution that best suits your point-of-sale requirements. The Workstation 820 comes with two mount options: a low profile stand and vertical stand with base.

Oracle workstation 6
Oracle MICROS Workstation 6

The Oracle MICROS Workstation 625E, 625X, and 655X are sleek, user-friendly, and designed to withstand the abuse unique to busy retail operations. The terminals feature a 15.6” widescreen, high-definition display with a projected capacitive touch screen for easy order entry. The companion adjustable stand internally houses the power supply and other peripheral cables, keeping them safe from spills, debris, and tampering. The Workstation 6 also has the option of wall-mounting to enable a smaller footprint.

oracle micros workstation 310
Oracle MICROS Workstation 310

The Oracle MICROS Compact Workstation 310 point-of-sale terminals are rugged, lightweight, and portable. They are packed with features like 10.1” PCAP LCD touchscreen display, magnetic stripe reader, and customer-facing display. Options include Wi-Fi, full-shift battery, fingerprint reader, and several mounting choices. The 310 series offers the best performance for lowest total cost of ownership, as well as increased efficiency, productivity, and enhanced operations.

oracle micros tablet 721p

Oracle MICROS Tablet 721P

The Oracle MICROS Tablet 721P is a rugged, mobile point-of-sale device offering a lightweight, slim-line 7-inch design with an extended battery life. With integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, magnetic stripe reader, optional barcode scanner and RFID reader, the Tablet 721P enables increased efficiency and productivity, enhanced operations, and improved cost control. It enables exceptional customer service anywhere and redefines the guest experience.

oracle micros kiosk
Oracle MICROS Kiosk

Provide a modern experience with interactive self-service kiosks that let your busy, on-the-go customers place orders on-demand with no waiting and no hassles. Self-service kiosks can be deployed in just about any kind of operation and will help you deliver exactly the type of service your customers want and expect. With this kiosk solution, you have the sleek, modifiable Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Series in a kiosk enclosure, transforming it into a customer- or staff-facing terminal that can be placed or mounted practically anywhere.

oracle express station 400 kitchen display system
Oracle MICROS Kitchen Display System

The Oracle MICROS Express Station 400 kitchen display system (KDS) connects your kitchen to your POS, sending order information to the kitchen as soon as your cashiers ring up items. The KDS features a stylish, modern design with an expansive 24-inch screen perfect for all kitchen environments – from fine dining to quick-serve. The 400’s clean cable management setup and industry-leading operating temperature range make it an ideal choice.

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CBORD Solutions

Access & Security

Physical safety is a top priority for every campus. Use one cohesive system to gain a complete view of your security operations, manage all access, privileges, and transactions, and monitor doors, alarms, and video surveillance. 


Card & Credentials

Most identification cards are just there, and they could be doing so much more for cardholders. With CBORD, your ID becomes a resource for everything from account management and purchases to building access and attendance tracking.


Use smart tools that help large, complex food service operations manage productivity, lower costs, and reduce waste. From menu planning and food production to inventory management and cost control, CBORD’s solutions have you covered.


Let your cardholders use their mobile devices to place food orders and pay, helping limit personal interactions for social distancing. CBORD’s GET app also provides benefits that go way beyond food ordering; cardholders can also use the app in place of an ID card, earn rewards, and much more.

Patient Nutrition

CBORD’s patient nutrition solutions help you manage the complexities of safely feeding patients. With our leading-edge mobile technology, you can provide a personalized meal ordering experience that ensures compliance and patient safety for every meal you serve, every time. 

Retail & POS

Going forward, retail dining operations will need to be lean and adaptable—including point of sale. It’s crucial to have a technology solution that will help you reduce costs and meet changing requirements quickly across all locations. CBORD has your solution.