CBORD Patient App Impacts Everyone in the Hospital Community

The CBORD® PatientTM app is the next innovation in food and nutrition technology designed to transform patient meal ordering and get hospitals of all sizes to rethink their foodservice operations.

CBORD Patient enables self-service meal ordering using a patient's own device—or any hospital-approved mobile device—connected to CBORD foodservice and nutrition systems, maintaining diet order safety and compliance. Let's take a look at how this might impact the stakeholders in hospital foodservice.


Foodservice Directors

Patient self-ordering reduces calls to the call center, and labor needed for bedside order-taking.
What else could employees accomplish if their workload was reduced?


Nurses & Dietitians

Menu offerings include customized nutrition goals so patients see how each item impacts those goals.
How will outcomes change when patients learn how their choices impact their wellness?


VP of Patient Experience

Patients rate the flavor of food and quality of care higher when they can order meals when they want to eat.
What impact would this have on a hospital's HCAHPS score?


Patients & Guests

Patients can order meals from their own Android or iOS mobile device, including meals for their guests.
How will this help to improve the patient experience?


Think about the far-reaching effects foodservice has on all of the people in a hospital: patients, guests, caregivers, and administrators. CBORD is dedicated to innovative development of technology to serve your community and improve your foodservice operations. Join us for a free webinar to learn more.

Meet the Future of Patient Self-Ordering

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