CBORD Trademarks

CBORD Trademarks

CBORD, AccuMenu, Aero, CBORD ICE, CBORD Mobile ID, CS Gold, CS Housing, EventMaster, Foodservice Suite, GeriCard, GeriLink, GeriMenu, Integrated Campus Access Management, ManageMyID, ManageMyID.com, Mobile Intake, NetCardManager, NetCatering, NetMenu, NetNutrition, NetRecipe, Nutrition Service Suite, Pathlight, ResCenter, Room Service Choice, Room Service Concero, Squadron, Tray Monitor, UGryd, Vali-Dine, Webattach, Webfood, and WebPatron are registered trademarks or service marks of The CBORD Group, Inc.

ACCESS 5, Avail, Campus Elements, Cardsystems Gold, Cardsystem Gold, CBORD® C-Store, CBORD Campus Security Monitor, CBORD POS Video Security, CBORD Video, CS Access, CS Action and Response Management, CS CardLink, CS Entitlements, CS Gold InView, CS Gold Mobile Reader, CS Gold WebManager, CS Intelligent Video, CS Locations, CS Meal Plans, CS Notify, CS Pocket Reader, CS Print, CS Stored Value and Credit, CS Value Terminal, EventMaster PLUS!, Foodservice Manager System, GET, GET Food, GET Funds, GET My Card, GET Places, HMS CBORD, LR 3000, Menu Management System, NetHIMS, NetMenu Planner, NetMenu TrayCard, NetNutrition Cloud, NetUnitOrdering, Odyssey Direct, Odyssey HMS, Odyssey PCS, OdysseyOne, Off-Campus Advantage, OmniACCESS, OmniONE, ResCenter Mobile, Tray Monitor Mobile, Troubadour, WaterMark, WebStaff, and WebCard Center are trademarks or service marks of The CBORD Group, Inc.

All other brand names or product names are assumed to be trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of their respective owners.

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