Common HID FARGO Connect Questions Answered


Do you want to simplify and streamline your card production process?

With HID® FARGO® Connect™, you can create and issue secure ID cards from any device, anywhere. The cloud-based solution eliminates the need to be tied to a specific workstation and allows you to set up remote stations around campus. HID FARGO Connect integrates with CBORD campus card systems and can reduce many of the common headaches associated with ID card production.

We recently hosted a webinar with HID Global to provide an overview of the HID FARGO Connect solution and the easy-to-use interface. During the webinar, we had a Q&A session to answer several common questions listed below.

Future Mobile: You said you don’t have mobile yet. Will this be NFC and allow a method for students to register their Mobile NFC credential?  Will the NFC ID be stored in CS Gold as a Media Type?
HID FARGO Connect will enable the ability to simultaneously issue a physical credential and a HID Mobile Access credential to be used for door access. This technology allows for Bluetooth and NFC read modes. For more information, view our product page for Mobile Access. CBORD has not scheduled an integration with Mobile Access and would welcome the opportunity to talk further with any universities that are interested in mobile credentials.

Will SmartCard version work with DESFire EV1?

The HID FARGO Connect solution will be able to support CSN read of DESFire EV1 cards initially and will add in support for reading and writing of other applications over time. 

The HID FARGO Connect roadmap shows that we are adding read/write support middle of next year; but, as mentioned on the phone, we are very much customer driven and if there is a particular need by a school we would work with them to get this added into the solution.  

What about iClass issuance?
Yes, legacy iCLASS, iCLASS SE, and iCLASS Seos will be supported.

Is there support for local printer encoding, i.e. reading HID chip number off card and storing in CBORD?
Yes, the joint solution will enable users to simplify the issuance process by reading the HID card number during the print process and storing it in the CBORD solution. Speeding up the issuance process and eliminating data entry errors.

Do you have a timeline for SmartCards for CS Gold? 
We plan to support smart card capabilities by the end of 2018 for CS Gold and shortly after for Odyssey.

If we have students uploading photos, does this solution support batch printing approved cards at a later date?
A process can be put in place to identify patrons with updated photos. Yes, a batch of cards can be scheduled to print at a later date.

Is there a way to print cards in a batch? i.e. all patrons that submitted photos through GET CBORD Student? 
Yes, cards can be printed via batch. Generating a batch from GET, or as a result of accepting photos in GET, is planned for a future enhancement. 

Does this solution currently read proximity numbers?  
HID FARGO Connect has the ability to read contactless smart cards and there is a joint effort to complete integration within the CS Gold offerings by the end of the year and shortly after for Odyssey.

Can you encode multiple applications on a single chip?   
HID is adding in multi-tech card support within Q4 2018 (i.e. multiple contactless card technologies) and already supports the ability to combine smart card and barcode/mag stripe card technologies.

Can this solution read and insert RFID data into CS Gold from printers?    
Yes, the joint solution will enable users to simplify the issuance process by reading the HID card number during the print process and storing it in the CBORD solution.  Speeding up the issuance process and eliminating data entry errors.

Can custom attributes in Odyssey PCS be printed on the card?
There are three predefined custom attributes that can be printed on the card.

We are in the process of moving from mag strip to HID iClass with mag.  How does this specifically compare between the $12K solution we have been quoted for a Datacard SD460, reading/encoding iClass cards w/mag stripe using CS Gold 6.0.31, Windows 7 and ID Works?     
Your CBORD account manager can provide additional information to help you understand the options.

We have PeopleSoft as our student ERP and our current ID Card solution reads from that database - does this solution work with PeopleSoft?     
The solution that we presented, CBORD CS Gold or Odyssey campus card system and HID Fargo Connect, requires that the patron data reside in CS Gold or Odyssey. We would recommend feeding patron data into your CBORD system from Peoplesoft and print cards from your CBORD system.

Will this solution work with FARGO DTC 1250?      
Yes, it will work with FARGO Card Printers which are HID FARGO Connect enabled.

Is there an interface with our electronic lock system (NpowerDNA) which needs to know when a card is reprinted so that security settings can be transferred and old card can be blocked?       
When a card number or status changes, the patron data can be extracted from CS Gold or Odyssey and shared with 3rd party access control systems.

What's the ETA on Mobile ID and Overflow printing?       
We are targeting first half of 2019 but this will largely be customer driven. Please reach out if interested in either of these two items.

What is the timeline (again) for Mobile ID?       
We are targeting the first half of 2019, we have identified pilot schools for this but are accepting additional pilot schools for this offering. Please reach out if interested.

Smartcards = chip? Or RFID? Or both?       
In the webinar, when we mentioned smart cards we were referring to RFID or contactless smart cards (i.e. HID Prox, iCLASS, iCLASS Seos, MIFARE, and DESFire). The solution does not have support for contact smart card encoding at this time.

Is that part of the GET CBORD Student app?       
Yes, photo upload is part of the GET CBORD Student app.

We would be wanting at least one printer that could read iClass even if we continued to use existing pre-printed mag only cards. Is this possible?        
Yes, this will be possible.

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