Common Washlava Questions Answered

Is laundry a hassle for your students? Are you looking to increase efficiency and resident satisfaction? Meet Washlava -- the modern laundry experience that lets students reserve and pay for machines right from their smartphone.

We recently hosted a webinar with Washlava to introduce this revolutionary new laundry solution. During the webinar, we had a Q&A session to answer several common questions listed below.

Does each machine have a location number to configure in CS Gold?
The initial implementation of the interface will support one location in the cashless system, so all transactions will be under a single Washlava virtual terminal or location for sales tracking. However, separate location posting will be a feature that is possibly incorporated as the program is developed and deployed on campuses.

Are there any transaction fees? Who pays for credit card fees?
CBORD and Washlava earn a percent per transaction, similar to the SaaS model found with other CBORD products. By selling Washlava as an ongoing service, we are able to provide 24/7 student support, automatic updates as new features are rolled out, and campus card integration support. For credit card transactions, the campus pays the standard percent per transaction plus a credit card processing fee.

How does this work if we don’t charge for laundry services?
In the event of an “included” laundry school, we will charge a percentage of the minimum vend rate.

Can price be set on a machine basis or just by building/laundry room?
The school can set different vend rates for different machines or for different rooms. For example, if a room has multiple sizes of equipment, the machines can charge different amounts. Price adjustments for all machines can be made seamlessly via the DRIVE portal.

The Washlava app is integrated with CBORD campus card systems and helps turn your laundry rooms into instant profit centers.

If there’s a refund on a transaction, who pays for that?
Credit card transactions can be refunded 24/7 by the Washlava support team. Same day adjusted transactions will be sent as a void of the original credit card transaction, with after original day submitted as a refund transaction. For cashless transactions, these can be adjusted manually through the cashless system directly per a card office instated policy.

What happens if a student doesn’t have a smartphone?
Washlava is working toward a web module to allow students to log in to their account and reserve or pay for machines via a community tablet or computer. This feature will be available for the Fall 2018 school year.

How does the “lifetime warranty” work for the puck? How do we get them replaced if they fail? Who installs the failed module?
The campus can notify Washlava or their CBORD account manager. Washlava will send a technician to the campus with a replacement part.

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