The CBORD Community is built by users who share common interests. Our community Listservs are a useful resource for getting the most out of your CBORD systems.


CBORD customers find peer-to-peer exchanges to be extremely beneficial, which is why we created interest-specific Listservs covering the following seven categories:

  • Housing
  • OdysseyTM
    (includes Higher Education, Business & Industry, and Healthcare customers)
  • Healthcare Clinical
  • Healthcare Food Production
  • College & University Food Production
  • Corporate/Commercial Food Production
  • Catering

Please Note: The current CS Gold® Listserv [CCSUG] will remain active for all CS Gold clients and will continue to be maintained by Nathan Gray at James Madison University.
To unsubscribe from any Listserv, update your CBORD profile by unchecking the Listserv box. Or click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any Listserv e-mail message.

To subscribe to any Listserv:

Log-in and select "Update user profile or email preferences." Then check the box next to each Listserv you want to join. You can join one, two, or join them all!

Once subscribed, you can stay up-to-date on the latest conversations taking place about your product line or industry. Below are the e-mail addresses associated with each Listserv:

Please Note: Listservs are for customer-to-customer communication and should not be used for CBORD support needs. Please visit the CBORD Support and Training page if you need to contact CBORD support.