The CBORD Community Xchange Program

The Xchange Program is a technology alliance partner program designed to support CBORD customers by creating certified, robust data exchanges with third-party system solution providers. The Xchange Program not only facilitates the technical relationship for data exchanges between CBORD systems and partner systems, but also offers a defined set of marketing and support services. It's a best-of-breed network of leading technology partners, working together to optimize services and reduce costs.

CBORD powers access, card, foodservice, housing, and nutrition management systems for healthcare, higher education, and business campuses. CBORD is committed to building a robust Xchange Program in order to offer its clients a maximum return on their investments in CBORD systems and partner solutions.

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  • Premier
  • Vizient
  • Intalere
  • HealthTrust (HPG)
  • Resource Optimization & Innovation (ROI)

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