UGC 2013—Conference Session Listings

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CBORD's User Group Conference is divided into six tracks of general sessions and a certification track.

Card Systems Track

The Card Systems track is designed for clients with an interest in the Odyssey PCS, CS Gold, and MICROS families of products. Learn how to analyze data, utilize emerging technology, improve cost-efficiency, optimize security, and configure your systems to keep your mission-critical systems at peak performance.

Clinical Track

Balancing patient safety and satisfaction isn't always easy, but with your expertise and CBORD's solutions, you can feel confident you're delivering the best service possible. Our sessions give you the tools and resources needed to support today's healthcare facilities. Attend our upcoming sessions to learn best practices and see what's new from CBORD.

Food Production Track

Controlling costs, increasing revenues, ensuring safety, and improving efficiencies are just a few of the responsibilities of the food production department. Attend these exciting sessions to learn how CBORD solutions can help you meet these challenges and accomplish your goals, as well as discover what exciting features and enhancements we have in store.

Housing Track

Managing student housing is a process that seems to grow ever more complex with each passing year. Attend our sessions to see how our technologies are keeping pace with an ever-changing world that places new demands on residential life operations that require more sophisticated solutions.

Integrated Security Systems Track

CBORD users faced with the challenge of securing a diverse group of facilities can rely on our Integrated Security Solutions sessions to provide a complete picture. Learn about the intelligent solutions and state-of-the-art technologies available, and how to optimize their use to help you manage your critical operations.

CBORD Showcase Track

The CBORD Showcase sessions will show you how CBORD systems are designed to work together to deliver superior results. Whether you're looking to increase efficiency, save money, generate revenue, automate processes, or are interested in enhancing system performance in general, the CBORD Showcase track is sure to have the multi-system sessions to appeal to you.

Certification Sessions

Our certification tracks can help you validate your skills and gain the experience and credentials you need to achieve your professional goals. Each two-hour course will conclude with an examination. Enrollment is limited and advanced registration is required.

You will need to register on-site during conference check-in on Sunday, October 13 to secure your spot.