Compelling Topics Create New Educational Opportunities

UGC is the year's most important education opportunity for CBORD users, and sessions lead by experts are the reason why. Well over 100 educational sessions are planned, with more details being posted to our website every day. Here are some can’t-miss sessions we’ve noticed so far.

Electronic Malnutrition Management

Sally McCray, Mater Hospital
Sally brings a deep well of knowledge and experience to the many presentations she will deliver at UGC. This session on malnutrition and the associated negative patient outcomes will have critical information for healthcare professionals. The focus is on identifying, screening, assessing, and documenting malnutrition effectively to ensure your organization receives financial reimbursement for this diagnosis.

Introduction to GET CBORD Student

Rob Wakelee, CBORD
What is happening to GET?! Our patron-centric innovation has expanded now to college and universities as an evolution of our GET platform. Everything you know and love with our current solution, plus too many things to list here. Join this session to learn more about our new app for higher education.

Nutrition for the Non-Dietitian

Laura Croteau, The University of Iowa
Laura has designed this presentation for folks who are in charge of nutrition information for their CBORD program but are not 100 percent sure if tomatoes are a fruit or a vegetable. As a dietitian who started her career working with this program, Laura’s aim is to provide the tools you need to succeed, even if you don’t know a walnut from a watermelon.

Emotional Support Animal and Companion Animal Housing Accommodations

Kirk Leszczynski, University at Albany
The population of ESA’s and CA's in housing is growing. Kirk will give an overview of how to set up and use HMS/ResCenter to make the best accommodations possible.

Learn about these interesting topics and much more at UGC 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

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