Convenience and Flexibility: What Modern Workers Need

In 2016, members of the workforce are no longer required to be at a desk or even in the office. They are on the go, working remotely, using their own devices, multi-tasking, and carrying out day-to-day tasks. This is certainly true for Myrinda Grantham, Assistant Director for Assignments and Marketing at Saint Louis University, who uses ResCenter® from her mobile device to execute parts of her job that happen in the wee hours of the morning when she is still in pajamas. But this flexibility and convenience wasn't always at Grantham's fingertips.

Prior to having Odyssey HMSTM 7.0 and getting web-based ResCenter along with it, Grantham said their in-use technology was, as she puts it, behind the times.

"We were some of the first users to jump in and use ResCenter, and I quickly got on board with it. We learned the system from scratch and took ourselves out of what felt like an archaic process," she said.

The outdated pre-ResCenter scenario she described was getting notified of a student incident at 2 a.m. while working as a Hall Coordinator, having to get dressed, go to her office, unlock, boot up, log in, get emergency contact information on a student, and then call parents. It wasn't the most ideal or efficient situation.

"With ResCenter, I am no longer tied to my desktop. It's beneficial for my personal sanity and helps me manage the chaos," she added.

And her student incident scenarios have changed too. Now, Grantham will find herself at the stove, scrambling eggs on a Saturday morning. If she is contacted about a student situation and needs to provide information to other staff, with her free hand she can pull up ResCenter on her phone, locate student info, and provide updates—all while still deftly scrambling those eggs.

"We have so much convenience now. We get all of our information quickly and in real-time."

And this ResCenter convenience goes beyond incident reporting. Grantham worked with her IT department and had ResCenter put into MySLU—Saint Louis University's online central hub where students, faculty, and staff register for classes, check grades, pay bills, access timesheets, and send email.

Staff can now access student information in ResCenter through mySLU using the same password as their university email. This allows staff to access the needed information easily without having to remember another username, password, and URL. When help calls come in to the housing office with students saying things such as "I forgot my password," the staff is able to assist them almost effortlessly.

"When we get those types of help calls, I use my favorite ResCenter feature—the Agent function. I "Agent" into the student-facing portion of the contract and see the same screen the student sees. With this, I can remedy the situation so much more quickly than having the student describe a situation that is void of the details I need to understand why they're stuck."

Given that mobile devices allow people to work whenever, wherever, and however they want, mobility is the cornerstone of the modern workforce, and with reliable, easy-to-use apps like ResCenter, a pajama-clad Myrinda Grantham can achieve maximum productivity even before her breakfast is served.