When we think about the future of the card system, it starts with how the future of CS Gold® has always evolved from our user community—at our user group caucus, with our advisory committee, on our listserv, etc. For instance, our executive dashboard.

Starting at the Top

It started with a simple question at UGC: What information do your bosses want to see? From there grew the Executive Dashboard, which can be customized to display specific system data at-a-glance. Why did our users see a need? Because they know the power of data-driven decisions, and arming themselves with data about programs and usage has an impact on where their services will be next semester and next year. Even if your campus hasn't yet started looking hard at the data in your systems, they will. And the executive dashboard will be the window into the future of your card program.


We don't have a campus out there that isn't thinking about how to make their environment a safer one, so a big part of the future of all systems and services will be a focus on how they impact the safety of patrons. By using the LDAP directory to drive access, this version of Gold has amazing granular control— you can slice and dice that directory an infinite number of ways, ensuring access to the people who are permitted, and keeping both people and resources safer.

Every Corner of Campus

But data doesn't have to be just about dining options and that focus on safety doesn't have to be strictly about locked doors. With the Residence Hall Visitor Management and Online Room Reservations options, you can run reports on how many guests are in a hall or which reserveable rooms are occupied. With that data you can make informed business decisions about visitation policies and high-usage vs. low usage facilities, and in the event of an emergency, you'll have an accurate head count of who is in which room or building. The future of the card system is definitely touching every area of campus and eliminating silos where housing has one thing and the card office another and the student union has another. The future will have unity.

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