If you could supplement your on-campus dining program with the off-campus system of your dreams, what would it look like?

  • Would it be easily implemented, able to be up and running by the new semester?
  • Would it offer an additional revenue stream?
  • Would it already have partnerships with most local merchants?
  • Would it provide a safety net of flexibility in unpredictable circumstances, like quarantine?

If that’s the system you’re dreaming of, look no further than Grubhub’s off-campus dining program, in partnership with CBORD. Watch our on-demand webinar and hear from Grubhub’s Director of Grubhub Campus Ben Anderson and CBORD’s Director of Platform Operations and Patron Engagement Sami Takieddine as they delve into the details of what off-campus dining can mean for your institution.

Most importantly, you’ll hear from Lynn Ernsting, executive director of University Services at Seattle Pacific University, a new user of Grubhub’s off-campus dining system, for a first-person perspective on the user experience.

Easy as Pie: Make Off-Campus Dining Effortless With Grubhub