Texas Christian University’s CS Gold Version 7 Upgrade

Representatives from the ID Center at Texas Christian University will share their story on the process of transitioning from CS Gold 6 to CS Gold 7, how the program fit the specific needs of their campus, and how they were able to convince the university’s leadership that the upgrade was necessary. They will highlight how the upgrade was effective in helping manage access to campus residence halls on a busy urban campus, the features and functions of CS Gold 7 in regards to TCU’s Frog Card and Frog Bucks both on- and off-campus, and how they were able to use the modular system to suit TCU’s own specific needs.

CS Gold Version 7 Demo

Whether it is increasing the security at Residence Halls on campus, improving the quality of automated access privileges, or cutting campus costs with wireless thermostat control, the value of upgrading from CS Gold 6 to CS Gold 7 affects all areas of campus. The customizable dashboard interface allows campus members to view information at a glance; students can easily check their campus card balances and staff members can efficiently monitor how many patrons are on a meal plan. Students, faculty, and staff benefit from the existing features of the CS Gold program such as easy on-campus purchases with campus cards, simple and convenient access to campus facilities, and user-friendly management of personal accounts.

This webinar will highlight the new features of this program, including an overview of the graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and the program’s compatibility with current industry standard software. Because of this compatibility, the transition period for faculty and staff is made more efficient, and the student population is also able to access it easily.

Presented by
Sheri Milhollin, Manager of Texas Christian University ID Center
Stuart Reed, Director of Texas Christian University’s ID Card Center
Phil Parrish, Account Manager at CBORD
Robert Lemley, Software Development Director at CBORD
Beth Koziol, Manager of Client Development at CBORD

Originally Presented: 10/06/2016