BarTender Label Software is Now Available

We know our customers are interested in creating labels based on nutrition, ingredients, allergies, price, and other data in their CBORD® applications. With BarTender®, you now have a fully integrated product to support these needs, and much more!

BarTender offers simple integration to Foodservice Suite®, EventMaster®, and other CBORD application databases. It is easy to learn and use, and can effortlessly share and customize label templates, including UPC barcodes.

BarTender can produce a wide variety of labels including:

  • Nutrition facts labels for pre-packaged products
  • Cafeteria product signs with ingredients and allergens
  • Shelf tags for convenience stores
  • Product UPC tags in gift shops

Questions? Interested in a demo? Contact us today learn how BarTender can support all your label and barcode needs.

We are listening to our customers. Along with the new BarTender label software, which fully integrates with Foodservice Suite (FSS), we have released a new version of FSS–8.6.100.

You can check out the many exciting new features and enhancements in the complete release notes  here (login required).

Here are some highlights from the release:

  • End of Day: The End-of-Day settings options (including End of Day Config and End of Day Transfer Setup) have been reorganized and are now all located in End of Day Manager under Administration. The settings have been divided into common topics organized with icons/tabs. The new tabs created for End of Day include:
    • Settings
    • Approve (includes Void settings)
    • Auto Process
    • Generate Reqs and Ideal Food Costs
    • Generate Order Schedules (previously called End of Day Config under Utilities)
    • Create Requisitions From Templates (previously called End of Day Transfer Setup under Utilities)
    • Item Values
    • Purge
    • Info
  • Export Item Label: We have made a change to the Export Item Label Info option to unconditionally include the transfer price in the export.
  • Service Menus: Under Administration Service Menus, we added the ability to update the statuses and approval codes of a group of selected service menus at the same time.
  • NetHIMS™ Authentication: NetHIMS now authenticates each web service call to provide extra security. This helps to ensure that only the NetHIMS software is able to utilize the web service. All existing NetHIMS clients will need to uninstall NetHIMS from their handhelds and run the handheld installation with version 8.6.100.
  • FSI Interfaces: We have added the ability to import requisitions to FSS via the CIF (CBORD Interface Framework).

Check out the release notes for more updates, including enhancements to NetNutrition®, NetMenu®, and ETM (login required).

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Article by: J.B. Lockwood, CBORD