CBORD eNewsletter for Higher Education | January 2011


University of Virginia Protects Students and Prepares for the Future with CS Gold and the AD-Series

University of Virginia Protects Students and Prepares for the Future with CS Gold and the AD-Series
When the University of Virginia needed to improve access security in its residence halls, it turned to CS Gold and the fully integrated AD-Series electronic locks. Read on to learn how CBORD solutions help the university improve efficiency and security.

CS Notify Takes CS Gold Management Mobile

CS Notify is more than an emergency notification tool. Using mobile-originated commands, CS Gold administrators can lock, unlock, and open doors; send messages to new or preconfigured groups; and initiate public address messages—all from a mobile device. Read on to learn how CS Notify puts the power of CS Gold at your fingertips, no matter where the day takes you.

Coming Soon: ResCenter Conferences

We are excited for the upcoming release of the ResCenter Conferences module, empowering staff to define and manage events, create valuable reports, and more.

New Patron Functionality for Odyssey PCS and ManageMyID

Help your students help themselves! Discover how patrons can now change their own meal and resident plans with the newest version of Odyssey PCS, coming soon.

New to NetHIMS—Transfer, Issuing, and Service Actuals Modules

The NetHIMS handheld inventory management device now allows you to bring up transfers while you select orders; keep track of out-of-date products; scroll through a Service Menu and items; and scan product labels with its new modules. Continue reading to learn more about these new modules and to discover how you can increase efficiency at your organization with this wireless handheld device.

Foodservice Suite: What is the End-of-Day Process and What Can It do for You?

Discover how you can save time and make your organization more efficient with the End-of-Day (EOD) process in CBORD's Foodservice Suite (FSS). Already using the EOD process? Read on to check out new enhancements and review the current status to ensure your database is running at an optimal operating level.

Join Us in Atlanta for Hands-On Odyssey PCS Training

Become more productive with your Odyssey PCS system with a training course from CBORD. Our training classes can help you reclaim valuable hours in your day, save your organization money, and assist you in meeting and exceeding your department's goals.