CBORD eNewsletter for Higher Education | May 2011


Georgia Perimeter College Benefits from a Card Program Tailored for a Two-Year Institution

Georgia Perimeter College Benefits from a Card Program Tailored for a Two-Year Institution
From multi-campus security management to automated financial aid disbursement, Georgia Perimeter College uses CBORD's CS Gold campus card program extensively across its six campuses throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area.

"Our school is not like a four-year school, where the university community tends to be localized on and around a single campus," said Craig Lipsey, Associate Director of the Jcard Office. "We have six different campuses with vastly different student and community demographics at each. What we do for one campus, we must do for all of them."

Center for Community Shines at CU-Boulder

The Center for Community at the University of Colorado-Boulder (CU) is a state-of-the-art, dynamic facility providing a wide variety of services to students, staff, and other community members. In this article, Larry Drees, Director of CU's Campus Card Program, and Merlene Stanley, CU's IT Coordinator for Dining Services, describe its positive impact on campus card and dining services.

CBORD is Upgrading its Customer Support Solution!

CBORD is improving its online customer service, including case management and case history, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online. Read more to discover why CBORD is replacing its customer support solution, and what benefits the new system will have for you.

Manage Retail Operations on Your Campus with CBORD C-Store

CBORD is pleased to introduce CBORD C-Store, your smart retail solution. This web-based solution seamlessly integrates data from MICROS 3700 and Foodservice Suite to help retail managers maintain a real-time inventory. Read on to learn more about this exciting new product.

New Offline Locks Integrated with CS Gold: Introducing the Passport 1000 PG

We are pleased to announce a new integration between CS Gold and the Sargent Passport 1000 PG offline locks. Read on to learn about the enhanced functionality now available for these locks, including integrated card production, housing access maps, student self-service, intelligent video integration, and more.

New Features for Odyssey

The recent NACCU conference was a great opportunity to talk to many of you about functionality coming soon to Odyssey. Read on for highlights, including web-based activity management and a look at the new Epic II device.

CS Gold WebCard Center is Going Mobile

The user-friendly benefits of WebCard Center donít stop when students leave their computers—WebCard Center is now available in mobile format for smart phone access. With functionality ranging from account management to door access, this mobile solution is perfect for students and staff on-the-go.

Exciting New Features are Coming to ResCenter Conferences!

Discover the many new enhancements and features in store for ResCenter Conferences in the latest version of ResCenter.

CBORD on the Road

CBORDians have been out and about this spring, visiting with customers at tradeshows and our own regional conferences. Read on for a review of recent events and a look at what is coming up. We may be in your neck of the woods soon!

Be Prepared this Spring Season with Disaster Recovery Plans

Spring into the season right by making sure you have a disaster recovery plan for all your CBORD applications. Donít wait until there is a crisis on your campus. Read on to learn all the major aspects you want to have a plan for.

MICROS 9700 Training Opportunities for CS Gold

CBORD has expanded its MICROS 9700 course offerings to include MICROS 9700 Advanced System Maintenance and Administration! Read on to learn more about this, and for information on other courses for CBORD systems.