Enhance Your Point-of-Sale Operation

Your dining operation is at the center of your healthcare campus community. It’s an integral part of a hospital’s ecosystem, serving a diverse customer base of employees, physicians, patient guests, visitors, and more.

And, meal times can be hectic. Hungry patrons, especially your employees, are often rushing between tasks to grab a meal and are frustrated by long lines. You not only need to focus on providing fast service, you must also meet expectations of restaurant-style service, quality, and variety.

With constantly changing demands and rising expectations, it’s important for your dining operation to leverage technology to stay ahead of the game.

Are you putting the latest technology to work in your dining operation?

Offering a variety of ways for patrons to place food orders helps decrease those long lines and increase customer satisfaction.

Many healthcare organizations are implementing order-ahead features to reduce long lines and wait times, but there are also many ways to optimize the guest experience within the point-of-sale function at your venues.

Keep your lines moving and improve order accuracy by including self-order kiosks and mobile POS in your operation. You can use mobile devices to process transactions anywhere you can imagine – hospital events, pop-up stands, coffee carts, and more.

Whether you have a single-property operation or multi-property POS configurations, it pays to centralize your processes so you can quickly add new menu items, adjust pricing, offer promotions, and implement innovations in payment and service for an improved patron experience. Another crucial component of an efficient POS solution is the ability to perform mission-critical operations in the event of an upstream failure, allowing you to continue processing transactions without interruption.

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Reignite Your Point of Sale

Learn more about optimizing your dining operation with modern POS technology

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