Enhancing Campus Safety with Integrated Security Technology

Safety is Your Priority: We Make it Easier

Safety is a top priority for every college campus. A secure environment not only ensures the well-being of students, faculty, and staff but also enhances the overall educational experience, making the institution more attractive to prospective students and faculty.  

However, in trying to achieve that goal, many colleges and universities struggle with the expense and inconvenience of using multiple security systems across their campuses. CBORD addresses this challenge by offering a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of higher education institutions. 

One Cohesive System for Complete Security Management 

CBORD’s integrated security solution provides a unified platform that offers a complete view of campus security operations. This includes managing access privileges and transactions as well as monitoring doors, alarms, and video surveillance. By consolidating these functions into a single system, universities can streamline their security processes, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. 

Advanced Features for Enhanced Security 

CBORD’s market-leading access and security systems are designed to keep campuses safe around the clock.  

Key features include: 

  • Real-time monitoring and control of doors and privileges 

  • Instant lockdown capabilities 

  • Integrated alarm management 

  • Integrated video capabilities 

  • Personal safety resources for students 

Partnerships with Leading Hardware Providers

CBORD partners with industry-leading hardware providers, like Allegion, ASSA ABLOY, HID Global, Mercury Security, Smarter Security, and IDEMIA, to enforce access privileges across campus. Whether interacting with parking gates, turnstiles, doors, elevators, or any other access point, students move through campus safely and with ease using a system of controls that are intelligent and flexible. CBORD will help design a custom plan to modernize your on-campus access capabilities.

Enhancing the Student Experience

In addition to improving security, CBORD’s solution also enhances the student experience through features like mobile credentials. Students can use their mobile devices for everything from accessing buildings and rooms to making purchases and checking in to classes. This modern, contactless approach not only improves convenience but also aligns with the expectations of today’s students.

Get Started with CBORD

CBORD offers a reliable, integrated security solution that meets the unique needs of college and university campuses. By upgrading to CBORD’s system, institutions can enhance their security infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and provide a safer, more engaging environment for everyone on campus.

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Interested in learning more about how CBORD can help upgrade your campus security? Contact our higher education sales team today and get started on creating a safer, smarter campus. 

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How We Help Throughout Campus

Card and Credentials

Cards & Credentials

Campus IDs and credentials are at the center of college life. They serve as identification, provide physical access to buildings and rooms, and enable payments on and off campus. Accelerate your card program with on-premise and cloud-based options.

Access and Security

Access & Security

Physical safety is top of mind for everyone on campus. Enable your security staff to control and monitor who has access to buildings at which times, automatically grant or revoke privileges, and remotely lock down buildings during an emergency.



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