Enterprise Solutions. Centralized Control.

Feeding thousands of patients from hundreds of kitchens can be problematic when you have multiple people creating multiple menus in your food service operation.

Ensure consistency across the entire organization by allowing each location to access standardized item information to create local recipes.

Heather Whitehouse, CBORD Director of Product Management, discusses how you can take control of your multi-site food service operation by implementing the right tools that balance foodservice standardization with customization.

You’ll learn:


  • How technology is used to tailor food service operations based on site-specific needs
  • Benefits of customization and standardization across multi-site systems
  • Tools for health systems and procurement teams that allow visibility across multiple hospitals

Enterprise Solutions. Centralized Control

Learn how CBORD’s solutions help large-scale foodservice operations reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Presented by

  • Heather Whitehouse, CBORD Director of Product Management