The ePRINTit™ solution is a device-, network- and printer-agnostic software and hardware system that utilizes the latest cloud and wireless technologies. Through our powerful partnerships with HP and Verizon, we connect your entire student body within a BYOD environment or lab environment, using a “file-to-print” system connected securely from any Internet-connected device, anywhere. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and home or school devices can now all connect. Wired or wireless, there is no longer the need for expensive infrastructure, and with ePRINTit, we pay for all upfront customization and 100% of the capital costs. We connect with industry leaders in print, card, and cash management systems seamlessly, and we are connected to the world’s largest print network of more than 30,000 public print locations world-wide through the HP ePrint Enterprise Network and mobile APP.


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