Webinar: Expand Students’ Off-Campus Options Over the Summer with Grubhub


Over the summer months, you don’t have to see low activity and low deposits on your program. Help juice up June, July, and August with Grubhub off campus!  Find out how easy it is to implement this zero-cost solution by enabling your students’ use of campus funds for all their Grubhub purchases wherever they happen to be physically located over the summer.

Watch our on-demand webinar today!


Sarah Gries, Marketing Generalist, Crimson Card, IUPUI

Julia Liwicki, Manager, Client Success, Grubhub

Sami Takieddine, Director, Platform Operations & Patron Engagement, CBORD


Questions? Please contact our team, email us at highered@cbord.com, or call 844.462.2673.   

Here’s a sneak peek of our webinar. Download to watch the entire video.

Expand Students' Off-Campus Options Over the Summer with Grubhub