Food(service) is Medicine – Webinar

Food is medicine. It has the power to help patients heal more quickly and have better outcomes. As such, food is a vital component of a patient's care plan. Early nutrition intervention can reduce complication rates, length of hospital stay, readmission rates, mortality, and cost of care.

Join industry experts Jane Nolan from CBORD, and Michael Lilly from GetWellNetwork for an exciting discussion on how hospital food service departments are using cutting edge technology, along with the expertise of their dietitians, to make a real improvements to the health and safety of their patients.

In this session you will learn about ways that Foodservice is positively impacting patients' health:

  • Best practices for using technology to monitor patient intake
  • Studies that show how hospitals are increasing patient intake
  • Proven ways to fight malnutrition
  • Creating a highly visual, interactive experience that allows patients to order meals for themselves and for guests

About GetWellNetwork

GetWellNetwork has been the leading Interactive Patient Care provider for over 15 years. Our dedication to the patient and family experience is the driving force behind our success. Our success is realized through the tools, methodology and expertise we deliver.

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Presented by
Jane Nolan, CBORD
Michael Lilly, GetWellNetwork

Originally Presented: 05/16/2017