There’s a good reason Grubhub and CBORD have succeeded in launching partnerships at more than 100 mutual customer sites. As spring break is just about upon us, why not think about deploying a new solution in time for the end of the semester or the start of your new school year?

 Watch a recording of our webinar to see industry veterans from both organizations cover:

  • The distinct on- and off-campus solutions customers can deploy together or independently
  • The many benefits customers and end-users enjoy with both solutions
  • The prerequisites and steps involved in partnering with us
  • The reasons we’ve found success with so many campuses

Presented by:

  • Brittany Kragerud (Grubhub), Sales Executive, Enterprise
  • Julia Liwicki (Grubhub), Manager, Client Success
  • Sami Takieddine (CBORD), Director of Platform Operations & Patron Engagement


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Foodservice Revolution: How Grubhub and CBORD Met Students on Their Terms to Revolutionize Campus Dining