From Truck to Fork: Taking Advantage of Enterprise Functionality

The evolution of healthcare dining has been influenced heavily by the hospitality industry—most recently with the shift from traditional tray line service to room service. In addition to the growing prevalence of patient room service, there is an increase in retail locations and dining concepts to accommodate patient's guests and hospital employees. It is exciting to see healthcare dining provide the same level of culinary and service standards that patients, guests, and employees expect outside of the healthcare realm. But anyone in the industry knows that it requires sophisticated technology to make this a viable business and patient care model.

Navigating this dining program growth requires taking advantage of the enterprise functionality of your food and nutrition service systems. Erica Hamilton, Assistant Director of Nutrition Services for Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, explains how her site expanded Foodservice Suite® to support her hospital campus's conversion from a tray line to a room service model along with retail operations.

While the term enterprise software is ill-defined, we believe that the goal of such software is simple—technology that can run your whole operation, or to borrow a phrase from Erica, covering everything from 'truck to fork.'

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