Was your food service operation prepared for COVID-19?

As healthcare leaders reflect on the past months, many are finding room for improvement regarding their ability to adapt operations in pace with the rapidly changing needs and demands during the pandemic.

Looking forward, it’s important to apply the lessons learned and develop a strategy to be better prepared for future emergencies. This means having the right tools to help you quickly adjust operations, minimize disruptions, and ensure patient safety under intense circumstances.

To assist you, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that discusses how you can leverage technology to future proof your healthcare food service operation. 

The e-book is free of charge and can be viewed online at your convenience.

The e-book covers:

  • Strategies for a successful reopen
  • Contactless technologies for safer retail transactions
  • Self-service meal ordering apps that promote physical distancing

CBORD’s team of experts is here to help you every step of the way. Reach out to us with any questions by contacting our healthcare sales team.

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