“One of the best things about working with CBORD is the support. We have had wonderful support and CBORD has worked with us to develop solutions to meet our special needs.”

—Carmel Scassa, Production Coordinator, ECH Food Services South Australia

No matter how your hospital kitchen serves patient meals, Room Service Choice® fully supports and enhances your process. Whether you take orders at the bedside or have patients phone into a call centre (or both), Room Service Choice provides the most robust features in the industry, and our Consulting Services are available to support you along the way.

Room Service Choice offers a web-based mobile meal ordering application accessible from any web browser, including an iPad® and other mobile tablets. You have the choice to offer staff-assisted entry of patient and guest meal selections at bedside or in a call centre for either on-demand room service delivery or traditional tray line meal service. The bedside and call center ordering options are each designed to support the subtle differences in workflows between the call centre and bedside entry. Room Service Choice is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to train.

On-Demand service supports hotel-style room service, enabling your staff to take a patient’s order over the phone in the call centre or by visiting the patient at the bedside. Search results can assist your staff in identifying patients needing to be visited or called. Orders can be printed to the kitchen immediately, supporting a true hotel-style room service. On-Demand is fully integrated with Tray Monitor®, so you know where your trays are at all times.

With Mobile Intake® your chef will know immediately when a menu item is unpopular, because staff record intake using a tablet as they collect trays. Get real-time reporting on exactly which foods are consumed, and how much is wasted. It’s a great way to evaluate new products from your suppliers, and an important tool in addressing hospital malnutrition. By effectively monitoring and targeting patients at risk, hospitals can improve intake, decrease length of stay and re-admittance rates, and impact reimbursements.

Menu Select service supports a traditional tray line, allowing your staff to collect orders for one or more meals at a time over the phone or at the bedside. Fully integrated with the Nutrition Service Suite® (NSS), suggested menus based on the chef’s choice and any patient preferences can be presented in a spoken menu style. Easy access to information about all available menu cycle items lets staff help patients get exactly what they want to eat. Orders are saved for tray ticket printing within NSS ensuring patients always receive safe and satisfying meals.

With Room Service Choice, you decide what service options are right for your organisation—and Room Service Choice grows with your operation, supporting your patient needs now, and in the future. With one convenient patient meal ordering solution, you can tailor your process by floor, building, ward, or patient.

NetMenu® TrayTicket and NetMenu® TrayCardTM together provide all the options you need to support aged care meal service operations. Packaged together they are available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution allowing aged care providers to access business functionality at a lower total cost than premise-based software. Also, because the software is hosted, you do not need to invest in additional hardware, or in IT staff for installation, set-up, and daily maintenance associated with running an enterprise solution.

NetMenu TrayTicket is a resident meal service solution that tracks your residents’ diet orders, allergies, and preferences, then applies them to the menu you’ve planned. Unlike basic dining solutions where servers compare a resident report or tray card to a diet spreadsheet to determine what substitutions should be made, NetMenu TrayTicket corrects the menu for them. This results in accurate kitchen production tallies and ensures that residents are offered and served the right foods.

NetMenu TrayCard provides a simple and cost-effective method for fulfilling resident foodservice preferences, addressing safety concerns, and improving operational efficiency. It features a resident card file, sanitary single-use tray cards, production tallies, weight tracking and access to a wide range of resident reports. Multi-site aged care foodservice operators can harness the power of NetMenu TrayCard to significantly reduce data entry, instantly update standards, and share common foods and settings across the organisation.

TrayCard and TrayTicket are built on the NetMenu data hierarchy model that enables corporate dietitians to establish standards for diet restrictions, allergens, supplements, nourishments, adaptive equipment, and common preferences—yet the system is flexible and allows sites to meet the unique needs of their resident population.

Maintain your resident and operational data in a central location, and easily report on that data to support regulatory compliance. CBORD’s systems provide tools supporting weight tracking—ensuring that your sites are complying with regulatory and accreditation requirements.

Private resident data is protected and secure meeting regulatory requirements. NetMenu’s role-based security makes it easy to restrict and grant user access to resident data and reports. In addition, an audit trail tracks any changes to resident records, which are encrypted for enhanced security.

CBORD’s food service production systems have been developed to fully integrate with our patient nutrition systems, and allow you to choose the functionality your organization wants and needs. Help staff minimise repetitive tasks, and facilitate data-driven decision making, with one robust solution for everything from menu and recipe planning to nutritional analysis, including standards such as the Australian Nutrient Database (AUSNUT), food production, and more.

Foodservice Suite® (FSS) automates your food service operation and allows you to increase inventory turns while reducing waste, par levels, and costs of floor stocks. Save money by paying invoices quickly with our accounts-payable interface, allowing you to take full advantage of vendor and GPO discounts. Flexible reporting identifies where costs are increasing and what "per meal" costs are for any period of time, and ranks items on total expense from high to low.

GeriMenu® has a Resident Meal Planning Module providing management tools designed to help you run your nutrition department more efficiently than ever before. Production support capabilities connect your menus to resident preferences and to kitchen operations, decreasing costly food waste as well as product shortages.

NetUnitOrderingTM is a web-based extension for FSS that allows users to place orders with production units, storerooms, and commissaries without the requirement of having FSS installed on their workstations. By extending the reach of FSS to other potential users, the NetUnitOrdering module reduces administrative costs while helping to better serve your internal and external customers.

Campus card programs are important drivers of the student experience. A “one-card campus” brings convenience and security to create happier students, safer facilities, more efficient employees, and a stronger bottom line. CBORD systems allow campus card users to make payments in laundry rooms, bookstores, off-campus vendors, athletic stadiums, and more. Each of these convenient card payment acceptance points is a potential revenue generator for schools.

CBORD offers card systems to fit the needs of your campus. CS Gold® is an on-premise solution that allows schools to customise the system as their needs change. Odyssey DirectTM is a cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that requires little or no IT support. Both solutions offer powerful capabilities that deliver access, commerce, and security features with scalable growth options. Our wide range of applications, advanced software architecture, and easy-to-use graphical user interface makes CBORD card systems the most robust solutions available today.

CS Gold supports a variety of integrated modules designed for applications all across your campus: CS AccessTM for door control systems, CS Action and Response ManagementTM for triggered alarms, CS NotifyTM for emergency mass communication, and many more. Choose the modules that best suit the needs of your campus.

Odyssey Direct offers the same support for meal plan management, discretionary spending, vending, copying and printing, laundry, attendance tracking, activity processing, card production, access control integration, and more—all hosted by CBORD and accessed through a web browser. There is no software to install, no card system server to maintain, and no database administrator required, making it an ideal solution for institutions with resource constraints.

The Consulting Services team includes healthcare professionals with recent strategic and operational experience in private, public, and not for profit health and aged care facilities. Our CBORD experts have local knowledge in food service redesign, and room service planning and implementation. We will review your food service systems and work with you to tailor the model to suit your organisational operations and drivers.

Put the CBORD Consulting Services team to work for your organization.

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